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What you'll learn:

  • What is acceptable social media behaviour and what is faux pas.
  • How to connect all you social media together (one tweet goes to facebook, linked in, blog, others).
  • Which social media works best for which industry sectors.
  • What type of people are using the various social media networks - these may surprise you.
  • How to cut your social media marketing down to minutes per day.

Course title:
The "NEW" Word of Mouth - Social Media

  • Individual session or part of a program:
    • Individual Session
  • Course description:
    • Do you think that social media is "too much work"? Well there is one tip in this online course that will save you hours!! This course is a very basic course in using Social Media to market yourself or a business but is packed full of information that will blow you away. This course is not about using Social Media to keep your friends up-to-date about your happenings, this is business related information. This course outlines start-up tips on: Hootsuite, Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In. it provides an understanding of what Social Media is and what it is not, as well as some time saving tips on using Social Media on a day-to-day basis. We recommend you watch this session all the way through and then return and watch it again while going to each individual social media website.
  • Number of slides: 26
  • Estimated time to complete: 55 minutes
  • Equipment needed:
    • Computer, connection to the Internet, ability to run Adobe Flash. RIM Playbook and Samsung Galaxy Tablets will run Flash. Ipads and Iphones currently do not support Flash videos. If you cannot see the video to the left, this means your computer is not running Adobe Flash. Do not purchase this program until you upgrade your system or will be using another computer.You should be familiar with using an Internet Browser as WOWpreneur courses and sessions run best on Internet Explorer. Just as you are receiving this page using a browser, the course will be delivered the same way. To enhance your learning you should have an understanding of how to open up additional "TABS" in your browser, so you do not close this WOWpreneur session. How to use Tabs.
  • Attachments:
    • There are multiple attachments to accompany this course. See below for how to download.
  • Cost:
    • $29.95 ($31.45 includes GST) through PayPal and/or your selected credit card. (It will show $31.45 for 2 months, that does not mean you will be billed $31.45 for two months, it means the session fee is $31.45 and you can access the session as often as you like for a two-month subscription period.)
  • Membership & Login information:
    • For this course to be delivered through an online format with a PayPal payment, it must run on what is called "membership software". That means when you purchase a session, you will become a member of WOW Communications Corp's WOWpreneur Program. You will be asked to select a user name and password. Once you have provided those, you will be directed to your PayPal or Credit Card payment site, only for this one-time sign up.
    • You will get reminder notices from us by email about the subscription timeframe of your session. WE WILL NOT BOMBARD YOU WITH EMAIL NOTICES OR SELL MESSAGES AND WE WILL NOT SELL, RENT OR LEND YOUR EMAIL TO ANYONE.
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Don't get hung up on the "preneur" thing - a "preneur" is defined as someone who "takes action and is willing to take upon himself or herself a new venture or enterprise while accepting full responsibility for the outcome".

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