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If you have never taken a WOWpreneur Online course before, read this first:

  • Don't worry, it's not that complicated but as with any new processes there are recommended steps to follow.
  • Click here to see screenshot of what your screen will look like and the action sections of the presentation.
  • For best viewing performance, we recommend Internet Explorer 7 or Google Chrome.and a 17" monitor. It will run on smaller monitors such as laptops, it is just formatted for the 17". Your system must have the most current FLASH software installed for you to view the session.
  • These sessions are a combination of screenshots, video and audio narration. We've played the fine line in balancing speed of download to quality and size of video.
  • If you are familiar with PowerPoint you will be comfortable with this layout, but you do not have to have PowerPoint to view these courses.
  • We encourage you to test your speakers first. Depending on the type of speakers you have you may need to turn them up. Some speakers, especially laptops, may not have high-end external speakers and therefore the sound may sound "sharp".
  • For the majority of slides, you MUST hit the PLAY button at the bottom left of the screen to start each slide. If there are slides that are tied closely together, the slides will automatically advance for you. This is to keep the flow of the narration. When slides are tied closely together, you won't have to hit the PLAY button they will advance automatically.
  • Each slide will play only once, but you can play it again, or rewind or advance to other slides. You can also use the panel to the right to select slides you may want to watch repeatedly. (see screenshot)
  • Some sessions have attachments that are a pdf, word file or a website link. If so there will be a note on the slide to indicate that you should click on the "Attachment Icon". This icon is at the bottom right of the screen where there is a tiny paper clip, click on that tiny paper clip and a list of the attachments will be displayed. Click on the attachment for that slide and download it to you computer. These have all been checked and are virus free so when a caution window pops up, click okay/yes.
  • Email us if you would like to be notified when additional online courses are offered.

The information provided in these sessions are base on our experience and knowledge. We have endeavoured to provide you with the information we feel is necessary and timely on this topic.
Because of unknown circumstances,variations on how the information is implemented, different priorities, and/or outside influences we are unable to guarantee results.

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Don't get hung up on the "preneur" thing - a "preneur" is defined as someone who "takes action and is willing to take upon himself or herself a new venture or enterprise while accepting full responsibility for the outcome".

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Please contact us if you would like to use this in an information article. The information provided throughout this site and through the online courses are based on the thoughts, research, experience and beliefs of the facilitators.

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