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Why you should trust these facilitators for your online training?

Lynda Kavanagh D'Arcy Kavanagh
  • 16+ years Entrepreneur Business Owner
  • 18 years public seminar trainer
  • 11+ years trainer for government Entrepreneurial programs
  • 7 years post-secondary instructor
  • Writer for post-secondary institution distance education
  • Post-secondary education in Media & Design
  • Diploma in non-profit management
  • 35 years freelance writer
  • 25 years post-secondary instructor
  • 5 years public seminar trainer
  • Writer for post-secondary institution distance education
  • Post-secondary education in English

"Which WOW Gal do you know?"

- The "Mug" Shot

The WOW Gal\

- The Speaker/Trainer


- The Wine Lover
(Cycling the Loire Valley, France)

Wine lover

- The Muscular Cyclist
(Loading the bike on a German Train)


LIfe is all about bicycle travelling and wearing high heel shoes...

...well according to Lynda Kavanagh that is. And before we go any further... yes she has ridden her bike wearing high heels!

Dubbed by her clients and audiences as The "WOW" Gal, Lynda's company WOW Communications & Training Corp. specializes in understanding Consumer Behaviour and how that knowledge can be transferred into her client's Sales and Marketing activities.

It's an interesting combination... bicycle.. travel... high heels ... Marketing ... Sales ... Consumer Behavior. How can anyone tie these together?

Lynda can. As anyone who has worked with her, or attended one of her workshops knows, she has a unique ability to take normal activities, like buying shoes, and weave those activities into a sales or marketing workshop that the audience can relate to. Or, it's entertaining and thought-provoking when she explains how lessons learned in cycling the far western isles of Scotland, are the same lessons learned in Marketing a business.

Recognized as an expert in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Lynda has been an Entrepreneur since 1994. She share's her expertise through Marketing Tips on SHAW TV, through numerous  print and ezine publications and through her Blog postings. She has been quoted in the Globe and Mail, Alberta Business Link, Calgary Herald, National Post and Lethbridge Herald as well as in the Canadian SOHO Business and Speaking of Impact magazines.

She is the author and producer two Audio Books; The 5 HOUR Entrepreneur and the The 4 HOUR Marketer, as well as more than eight individual "quick learn" audio CDs. Since 1971, Lynda has been involved in a variety of business sectors. Her background has been one of sales management, print and electronic media marketing, media buying and post secondary instruction in a media, marketing, graphic design, entrepreneurship and multimedia.

Lynda holds credentials in marketing, communications and non-profit management. She is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Program and is a national, professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), as a member of the Calgary chapter. She is also a member of the National Speakers' Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFPS).

Through either WOW Communications Corp. or WOW Tours International Inc, Lynda has conducted business not only in North America but in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands.

WOW's training and workshops are unique in that each session’s key points are based on areas of the world that she and her husband D’Arcy have travelled to.  Not only are the sessions jam packed with information, they are memorable because of the pictures from around the world. Some examples are: Customer Service (Austria), Branding (Venice), Marketing Plan (Scotland). It is estimated that Lynda has been a speaker/ trainer at more than 1,000 sessions.

Lynda is married to D’Arcy Kavanagh who is a journalism professor and he is also involved with the company. She has twin children, Jason and Andrea Varzari and a step-daughter Keely Kavanagh-Seminuik.

Check out:

Video of Lynda Cycling the Champs Elysees


D'Arcy Kavanagh, aka The "WOW" Gal
The "Mug" Shot

DArcy Kavanagh

The Speaker/Trainer



Beer Testing in Germany
(Of course he becomes a tester in every country he visits.
He says it is hard work)


The cyclists
(in the Netherlands... obviously!)


Life is all about cycling, travelling playing music and writing

... well according to D'Arcy.

D'Arcy has been involved in the media and education fields for the past 30 years. He is currently an instructor at the Lethbridge Community College Communication Arts program teaching Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising and Broadcast students.  

He has developed more than 30 courses for long-distance delivery as well as done curriculum development for 10 college courses. These manuals have ranged from 100 pages to 700 pages in length, and have covered topics such as computer literacy, building maintenance, enforcement of highway transportation legislation, advertising, reporting, editing and photography. 

D'Arcy is also a freelance writer with more than 300 articles published in magazines such as Harrowsmith, Western Living, Explore Canada, Westworld, Western Report and Alberta Report. His work has also appeared in several U.S. publications including Montana Magazine, Northwest Edition and Northwest Living. He has also written pieces for newspapers in Canada (ranging from The Globe and Mail to the Financial Times to the Western Producer), the U.S., New Zealand and Australia.  Although D'Arcy has a full-time position with the college, he provides writing, editing and training services for WOW.

D'Arcy is a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists and the Lethbridge Community College Faculty Association. It is estimated that D'Arcy has been "in front" of more than 20,000 people.

D'Arcy is the logistics king for WOW Tours International Inc. with business contacts in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands.

Besides being a full-time instructor and a part-time trainer, he is also a singer, guitarist and bodhran player with Glencoulee, a Celtic and Atlantic Canada music band. The band just
recently recorded their third CD, which features their original songs and lyrics, several based on the history of Alberta. Glencoulee can also work closely with WOW Communications in providing entertainment for conferences. See details about the band and hear clips at:

Check out D'Arcy's WOW Tours' Travel Blog

Don't get hung up on the "preneur" thing - a "preneur" is defined as someone who "takes action and is willing to take upon himself or herself a new venture or enterprise while accepting full responsibility for the outcome".

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